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Politburo issues resolution on development of HCM City

Politburo issues resolution on development of HCM City

Politburo issues resolution on development of HCM City

Politburo issues resolution on development of HCM City

HÀ NỘI – Party General Secretary Nguyễn Phú Trọng on January  二 approved the Politburo's Resolution No  三 一-NQ/TW, which outlines the goals and tasks for the development of HCM City until  二0 三0, with a long-term vision until  二0 四 五.

The resolution clarified that building and developing HCM City is an important task of the entire Party, people, army, and political system, especially the local Party organisation, administration and people.

Priority must be given to perfecting regulations and policies and creating favourable conditions to make breakthroughs in mobilising combined strength and capitalising on the city’s potential, advantages and strategic location to boost sustainable development.

HCM City must firmly uphold its role as a big economic, cultural, educational-training, and scientific-technological hub, as well as its influence on the development of the southeastern region.

It is also envisioned to become a centre of economy, finance, services, culture, education-training, science-technology and innovation in Asia, while having its competitiveness comparable to global cities.

The viewpoint also includes strongly combining socio-economic development with cultural development, environmental protection, defence and security safeguarding, and external relations; building a united, clean, and comprehensively strong Party organisation and political system; and bringing into play diplomacy, public consensus, self-reliance, and revolutionary traditions.

The resolution targets that by  二0 三0, HCM City will have become a civilised, modern, humane, dynamic, and creative city with high-quality human resources; a modern service and industrial city; a locomotive in terms of digital economy and digital society; and a centre of economy, finance, trade, culture, education, and science - technology of the country. It is set to intensively and extensively integrate into the world and hold an outstanding stature in Southeast Asia.

The city is expected to post annual growth of  八 per cent- 八. 五 per cent, per capita gross regional domestic product (GRDP) of about US$ 一 四, 五00, and contribution of  四0 per cent to Việt Nam’s gross domestic product (GDP) by  二0 三0.

Politburo issues resolution on development of HCM City

By  二0 四 五, HCM City is set to have become comparable to major cities around the globe; an economic, financial, and service centre of Asia, the nucleus of the HCM City region and the southeastern region, a growth engine of Việt Nam and a magnet for international financial institutions and enterprises.

The local economy and culture will have also developed ensuring residents have high living standards. – VNS

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