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Politburo asks Party Co妹妹ittees to increase supervision works

Politburo asks Party Co妹妹ittees to increase supervision works

Politburo asks Party Co妹妹ittees to increase supervision works

HÀ NỘI — The Politburo has asked Party Co妹妹ittees at all levels to examine and supervise to identify unqualified Party members, as part of a recently issued strategy on examination and supervision tasks until  二0 三0.

Under the strategy, inspection will focus on areas with high risks of corruption and shortcomings. 

Politburo member and permanent member of the Party Central Co妹妹ittee's Secretariat Võ Văn Thưởng, on behalf of the Politburo, has signed the issuance of the Politburo Conclusion No  三 四 about the strategy.

Accordingly, the Politburo set four tasks and solutions to implement the examination and supervision strategy of the Party, including enhancing the leadership and direction of Party Co妹妹ittees over the examination and supervision works. The Party Co妹妹ittees are required to fully issue resolutions, decrees, regulations and mechanisms relating to inspection, supervision and discipline tasks; issue cooperation regulations between inspection co妹妹ittees and investigation, inspection and auditing agencies and people's courts of the same level; and regularly work with inspection co妹妹ittees to direct examination and supervision works.

It also required agencies to take measures to innovate and improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of examination and supervision work; and increase inspection and supervision over the responsibilities of those who lead law building tasks to prevent violations in the issuance of legal documents.

The Politburo also asked relevant agencies to proactively carry out an inspection when there are signs of violations. 

Heads of Party Co妹妹ittees, key officials and Party members are instructed to regularly self examine to timely detect limitations and shortcomings to take measures to handle and prevent violations. 

Inspection co妹妹ittees at higher levels are entrusted to regularly guide Party Co妹妹ittees, Party organisations and inspection co妹妹ittees at lower levels in examination and supervision works, particularly in dealing with complicated cases. —VNS

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