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Pollution hits households in Hà Tĩnh

Pollution hits households in Hà Tĩnh

Residents in Kỳ Tân Co妹妹une, Hà Tĩnh Province, complain of fumes, garbage and wastewater discharged by a local environmental company. - Photo dantri.com.vn

HÀ TĨNH — A significant number of fish have been found dead recently in Kỳ Anh District, Hà Tĩnh Province.

The deaths were allegedly caused by wastewater from nearby Phú Hà Environmental Ltd Co, Dân Trí online newspaper reported.

According to residents in Kỳ Tân Co妹妹une’s Nam Xuân Sơn Village, wastewater from the company flowed into ponds and paddy fields, then flowed to Đá Cát dam which supplies water for agricultural households.

“Not only have the fish died, the trucks carrying garbage for treatment also cause a strong stench. Flies, noxious fumes and bad odour emanating from the incinerators cover the residential area,” Nguyễn Tiến Phừng, a local resident said.

Pollution hits households in Hà Tĩnh

“People have complained to local authorities, hoping to be relocated, but the problem has not been dealt with.”

People have gathered outside the firm’s offices, demanding it stop discharging harmful fumes and wastewater.

Last November, the provincial People’s Co妹妹ittee asked the company to pay compensation and support the relocation of households around the company’s landfill site.

Chairman of Kỳ Tân Co妹妹une People’s Co妹妹ittee said that there was a land plot for relocating affected households but they were still waiting for funds from the province.  — VNS

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